Welcome to Simple Sessions,

We currently offer an online coaching system, designed to improve your strength, fitness and mobility, whatever your start point; novice or experienced trainee.

We currently offer a variety of programming, depending on your current level or experience, time you have able to train and where you are able to train.

(see the ‘Bulletproof your body’ section below or click HERE to fill out the google form and sign up)

For more informaton on our services and what we offer, please visit either:

Simple Sessions – facebook page

or E-mail: info@simplesessions.co.uk


To apply to join the BULLETPROOF BODY online coaching group and programme, fill out this Google form.

Once the form has been filled out, you will receive and e-mail to set up a profile on the online patform in order to be able to receive the programming and update the sessions as you complete them.

Further details:

1. Cost: £45/month.

2. Options to personalise the sessions dependng on the time you have to train:

A. Bulletproof body – if you have longer to train

B.  Fit in 40 – if you are short on time or like to train on your lunchbreaks.

3. Access to a private Facebook group, for support and updates from the other group members and coaches.

4. Access my ‘100 day’ nutrition course, to enable you to develop a deeper understanding of how to eat, in order to maintain optimal health and weight.

5. Progression tracking via initial, and regular, follow up testing, as well as photos and girth measurements for comprehensive tracking.



This is the Website for Simple Sessions

We provide Online group coaching and nutrition services for people who are short on time, space or equipment to train with.

With a progressive, structured training programmes to suit all levels in order to enable you to develop a Strong, mobile body that will allow you to move and feel better for life.

Programming and Nutrition written by James Lee, a Combined Strength coach, MNU certified Nutritionist with 7 years Coaching experience.

For more information on our coach visit www.jlfitnesssolutions.co.uk


Bulletproof your body – Shoulder extension (Part 2)

Following on from my first article regarding shoulder extension and bodyweight movements, this follow up, including some more advanced exercises using the gymnastic rings, bands and stick/barbell drills is a good way to progress and improve your movement vocabulary. Shoulder extension (increasing the angle of the joint past 90 degrees) is a hugely neglected range in …


If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, Scroll down to find our contact details.

We will endeavor to reply quickly to all received quieries (within 24 hours).