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Below are some products that we have selected, that you may find useful to purchase in order to be able to train at home or in your gym with more flexibiltiy.

By no means do you HAVE to buy any in order to be able to complete the sessions, especially if you have gym access. However we thought it may be useful to provide some advice on good quality products.

IF you do choose to purchase any, i would suggest investing in a set o gymnastic rings and resistance bands (which will last years) would be an axcellent move due to their versatility and potential for helping you to progress and train anywhere.

The other products listed are simply a guide for if you are looking to set up a home gym or want so more variability in your training.

Nutritionlally, the slow cooker is an excellent addition to any kitchen, especally for those of you short on time and looking to meal prep often. And the creatine is a good supplement for aiding in the delopment of strength and power, so you may wish to utilise this to augment your training.

Protein shakes can also be a good option to help increase the levels of high quality protein in your diet, and we are proud to be working with SF Nutrition who provde a range of 100% natural protein shakes (whey and vegan proteins available)

N.B. If you want more Nutritional advice , i can provide this as an MNU certified Nutritionist – plase e-mail:

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